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Kerosene / Diesel Heaters

Remington Power heaters set the benchmark when it comes to the industry standard, with stock available nationwide, back up service and after-sales support second to none.

The Remington Power heater range was developed from the ground up using years of market analysis/research and very importantly listening to “you“, our valued customers feedback. The result is the Remington Power heater range which has (due to all the revolutionary features) engrained itself as being New Zealand’s preferred brand of diesel heater in the industrial and domestic market.

As a way of making sure that every Remington Power heater will perform for your chosen application, each heater has been rigorously tested by our own technicians both at the factory and in New Zealand. All heaters have up to the minute technology when it comes to cold weather start systems, and the most advanced safety features available, ensuring your heater will perform when you need it the most.
Multi-Fuel Capable - Remington Power Heaters can run on Kerosene or Diesel fuel.

NZ fuel optimised – New Zealand winter diesel is some of the worst in the world. Extensive testing has been carried out in the factory (with NZ diesel) to ensure the diesel burners are up to the task. Each unit has been extensively tested and retested to make these machines the best in the New Zealand market.
Half the Noise, all the power - Remington Powers SilentDrive RPH75R is so quiet you won’t even know it’s there. This model has the advantage of combining two different methods of heating into one effective package. The first method is forced-air convection heat, just like the RPH700KFA, RPH1250KFA, and the RPH2150KFA Heaters. The second method is radiant heat, which warms objects directly.

While forced-air convection heat takes some time to raise the ambient air temperature in a room, radiant heat works immediately. By combining the two, the SilentDrive RPH75R is one of the most versatile and effective space heaters on the market.
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  • 70K BTU Silent Drive Radiant Heater
  • Ultra Portable - Only 13kg!
  • 21kW - 162m2 heating
  • 15 litre tank for up to 6 hrs heating
  • Built in thermostat
  • Multi fuel capable
  • Only 71dBA @ 1m
  • 1 Year Warranty




  • 70,000 Btu Forced Air Heater
  • Ultra Portable - Only 13kg!
  • 21kW - 158m2 heating
  • 19 litre tank for up to 9 hrs heating
  • Built in thermostat
  • Multi fuel capable
  • 80dBA @ 1m
  • 1 Year Warranty




  • 125,000 Btu Forced Air Heater
  • Ultra Portable - 24kg with solid wheels
  • 37kW - 288m2 heating
  • 38 litre tank for up to 10 hrs heating
  • Built in thermostat
  • Multi fuel capable
  • 82dBA @ 1m
  • 1 Year Warranty




  • 215,000 Btu Forced Air Heater. Powerful 63KW Multi fuel heater for heating spaces up to 492M2
  • Equipped with thermostat for precise temp control.
  • Ultra Portable – 30kg with Pneumatic Wheels
  • Solid wheels (not Pneumatic Wheels)
  • 63kW – 492m2 Heating power
  • 49 Litre Tank for up to 8 hours of heating
  • 86dBA @ 1m
  • 1 Year Warranty
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  • Alex
    The Remington RPH1250KFA heats my implement shed / workshop easily, even though there are plenty of air gaps letting in cold air. Before I owned this unit, there would almost be frost settling inside the shed during winter months , so is a very welcome addition to the workshop!
  • Pritesh
    All I can say is a big “ thank you” for the huge increase in staff morale and productivity after we installed 3 X Remington RPH75R heaters beside our workstations in our factory. These units put out a really powerful radiant heat that belies their compact size, and we are very impressed. Thanks again!
    Auto Trimmers
  • Ray
    After buying a “cheap and cheerful “ heater off Trade-me , and having it fail within 6 months, I invested in a Remington RPH2205DFV heater. Haven’t looked back, runs very quietly, is more economical on fuel, and just does the job day in day out. I would also recommend the fuel treatment product that came with the heater, called “Fuelset “ , we notice the difference when we add that to the diesel, especially in the middle of winter.
    Automotive Workshop
  • Andy
    I have got 2 of the Remington RPH70R in my kitchen manufacturing workshop, which gets super cold in the winter season, and they take the chill off nicely . Not sure how my team survived winters before we invested in these!
    Joinery Shop

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